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Touring Exhibitions, Museum Exhibitions, and Exhibition Loans from Private Collections

Unit 2, 12-18 Hoxton Street
London, N1 6NG
United Kingdom
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Gallery Information

  • Maud Johnson Vastari Collections
  • Kate Brown Insurance Liaison, Fine Art & Specie
  • Liviu Tanasoiaca Travelling Exhibitions Manager
  • Dina Andzheychik Travelling Exhibitions Manager
  • Pankaj Adatia Accountant
  • Daniel Smith Insurance Liaison
  • Balint Ferenczy Specialist, Vastari Collections
  • Jenny Judova Manager, Vastari Travelling Exhibitions
  • Bernadine Bröcker Wieder CEO
  • Francesca Polo Executive Director

Vastari Group Ltd, based in Shoreditch in London, is the largest privately held technology company focussing on building networking solutions to facilitate exhibitions worldwide. The team is constantly working on using the latest technologies to improve and streamline the lending and touring process for exhibitions. From logistics to networking, Vastari has built technology solutions to improve the exhibition-planning process - and also in the meantime improving transparency within the art world between the private and public sector.

Working with a variety of strategic partners, Vastari Group are building the next generation of software for the future world of art, culture and exhibitions.

The company works with over 950 collectors worldwide, and in August 2016, the company reported helping over 56 individual object loans. (

Over 4,500 professionals from over 800 museums use Vastari, including from 6 of the top 10 most visited museums worldwide. The company facilitated 11 exhibition tour collaboration matches in September - November 2016.