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Traditional Indian Jewellery

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Van Gelder Indian Jewellery
Renowned family business and specialist in old traditional Indian jewellery

In the late seventies, Bernadette van Gelder –van der Ven, received an antique parrure of antique jewellery from her brother, a dealer in fine antique oriental art. She fell in love with it instantly. The set was not only very beautiful but also held an entire story linked to the culture. She started to research these stories and, in 1980, Van Gelder Indian Jewellery came to be. Today the company is run by her daughters Noëlle Viguurs-van Gelder and Fleur Damman-van Gelder and has grown to one of the leading dealers in the field. With their own individual taste and business drive, combined with that familiar passion for jewellery of the highest quality Van Gelder Indian Jewellery is ready for the challenges and dynamics of the present and future time.

Traditional Indian Jewellery
Indian jewellery is inherently rooted in its spiritual depths. At one level, the ornamentation of the body is symbolic of an inner adoring and the impulse to adorn stems from a deep rooted sensibility to mark every occasion of life with auspicious symbols, designs and figures to obtain good fortune and protection from evil. Jewellery is considered auspicious and beneficial, even the poorest of poor will have some decoration to serve this purpose, which starts from early childhood. Ornamentation has always been well developed in India and there is a decoration for nearly each part of the body. Historians and early travellers informed us about the overwhelming use of jewellery by the rulers of India in early times.

A very broad and extraordinary collection
For the past 36 years Van Gelder continuously works toward a very broad collection of traditional old jewellery from India. Perfecting and documenting this collection for international clients, collectors and museums is a continues process. This documentation cannot be done without extensive and detailed knowledge of materials, techniques and the art historical knowledge of India. Last but not least it requires good taste. The taste of India, its shapes and authenticity. To further support quality and authenticity, Van Gelder chooses to have all pieces of her collection certified / lab-tested in cooperation with ‘Netherlands Gemmological Laboratory Leiden’.

An important player in a niche market
As an international player in a very special niche market Van Gelder has built a very solid reputation over many years. To be able to find the pieces Van Gelder has built up a strong network of families (and now dear friends).
‘The pieces that we are looking for are usually still privately owned by renowned Indian families. Contacting them can only be done through a traditional introduction and it is also a matter of granting us the pieces.’ Besides finding pieces in India, pieces are also found in Europe. These have come to Europe during the colonial times. As soon as these pieces are coming to market we are informed through our network. The pieces are being sold through very high-end International art & antique fairs, exclusive events or by appointment.

Van Gelder Jewellery online
Van Gelder is present online through various social media; Website, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. In 2015 Van Gelder Jewellery expanded its online activities by making a selection of the collection available through 1stdibs. This highly selective digital platform is considered to be the world’s leading online marketplace for art, antiques and design. Participation is exclusively for professionals, by invitation only and potential participants are subject to a rigorous approval process.

Noëlle Viguurs – van Gelder
"Art is my life" As longs as she can remember, she is surrounded by beautiful things. Her parents collected beautiful pieces of art and through this she learned how to really look at things. With both parents being entrepreneurs she also saw up close that building and maintaining a business is an art in it self.
At 27, after having studied art history in Italy and Paris, she made a conscious choice to join the family business, continuing her education whilst traveling through India. In India she was granted access to prestigious family libraries and could study the various techniques. But, she says, I also saw the enamel artists and jewellers working the gold with my own eyes in their workshops.

Social responsibility
In the summer of 2015 Noelle joined the Board of Stichting Diabetes Onderzoek Nederland (Netherlands Diabetes Research Foundation)
Next to personal motives, the love for the country that brought her and her family so much in life was her motivation. Unfortunately, India, with 62 million diabetes patients, is on it’s way to become diabetes capital of the world.