Tribal Art Classics

Stand:   S4

African and Oceanic Art

Rue des Minimes 31, 1st floor
1000 Brussels

Gallery Information

  • Adrian Schlag

Adrian Schlag, dealer in African and Oceanic Art for more than 25 years, opened his gallery “Tribal Art Classics” in Brussels in 2007.
Participation in all major tribal art fairs, Munich Highlights and BRAFA, Brussels.
Member of the Belgian Royal Chamber of Antiques and Art Dealers
and the Belgian Chamber of Art Experts.
Having been trained over the years by selling major objects of African and Oceanic art to private collectors and public institutions, I believe that I have established a personal identity and signature in the selection of the works I present. In addition to the criteria of age and authenticity that they must meet, the “soul” of the works I show plays an important part in my process of selection.
The more uncompromising an artist’s ability to convey emotion is, the more the work moves me. As a rule, figures and masks that pre-date contact with the first Europeans evidence greater archaic power than later works.

What I strive to do is to bring those who are interested in them closer to the secret language that these objects speak.