Senger Bamberg Kunsthandel

Stand:   267

Medieval sculptures, sculptures, paintings, works of art, 18th-century furniture

Karolinenstrasse 8
96049 Bamberg
T  +49 951 54 030

Gallery Information

  • Simone Senger-Kundmüller
  • Silvia Herzog
  • Thomas Herzog Director
  • Walter Senger

For over 45 years, the family business Senger Bamberg Kunsthandel has been based in the heart of the famous Bamberg city centre, which is a listed UNESCO world heritage site.
The beautiful medieval and baroque architecture of Bamberg offers the perfect ambiance for our three historic galleries, including a gothic cellar for sculptures.

Artists Exhibited at the fair:

  • Lucas Cranach the Elder

    Lucas Cranach the Elder

  • Josef Ulrich Danhauser

    Josef Ulrich Danhauser

  • Michel Erhart

    Michel Erhart

    Biography : Michel Erhart was a German late Gothic sculptor who lived and worked in Ulm. Erhart spent his journeyman years in various regions including Konstanz and the Netherlands before finally settling in Ulm around 1469, where works by him are extant from around 1469–1522. He worked in the workshop of Jörg Syrlin the Elder, as did his sons Gregor Erhart and Bernhard Erhart. After 1474 he apparently had his own workshop with numerous apprentices. Erhart's style was apparently influenced by Nikolaus Gerhaert. Artist's Objects:
  • Christof Fabian

    Christof Fabian

    Biography : Christof Fabian I (active 1601-1630) or Christof Fabian II (active 1622-1638), members of the Fabian family of clockmakers from Thorn in West Prussia (today Toruń in northern Poland) Artist's Objects:
  • Johann Paulus Graf

    Johann Paulus Graf

    Biography : working 1756 – 1788 in Munich, from 1772 on court clockmaker of Maximilian III Joseph, Elector of Bavaria Artist's Objects:
  • Emil Nolde

    Emil Nolde

    Artist's Objects: Other Dealers:
    Also exhibited by:
    W&K-Wienerroither & Kohlbacher
    W. Utermann KG
    Also represented by:
    Daxer & Marschall Kunsthandel
  • Jacob Cornelisz van Oostsanen

    Jacob Cornelisz van Oostsanen

  • Michael Pacher

    Michael Pacher

  • Frans Snyders

    Frans Snyders

    Artist's Objects: Other Dealers:
    Also exhibited by:
    Richard Green
    Johnny van Haeften Ltd
    Galeria Caylus
    Ralph Gierhards Antiques-Fine Art
  • Alfons Walde

    Alfons Walde

    Other Dealers:
    Also exhibited by:
    W&K-Wienerroither & Kohlbacher