Riccardo Bacarelli

Stand:   154

Italian paintings, sculptures and works of art from the Medieval to the early Neoclassical period

Via dei Fossi 45r
50123 Florence
T  +39 055 21 54 57

Gallery Information

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Riccardo Bacarelli, son of Benvenuto, directs the Bacarelli Gallery in Florence founded by grandfather Rizieri Bacarelli in 1923. In 2013 the gallery celebrated its 90th anniversary. Riccardo, draws towardsits antiquarian tradition now at the third generation and strengthens the position of the gallery: adding to its permanentpresence since 1961 at the Biennale Internazionale dell’Antiquariato di Firenze, the Biennale di Palazzo Venezia in Rome, and turning the attention towards the International market.
Riccardo Bacarelli, in collaboration with brothers Bruno and EleonoraBotticelli, owners of the homonymous Florentine gallery, is a steady presence in London since 2011, organizing exhibitions of works of art and taking part to high relevance art and antiques shows (Master Paintings Week, London Art Week, Masterpiece, Frieze Masters since its first edition and Tefaf)
Riccardo Bacarelli deals with fine art and antiques mainly from the Italian Renaissance to Neoclassicism with a focus on sculpture and painting.
Riccardo Bacarelli serves on the board of some most important Italian art and antique dealers associations like the AssociazioneAntiquariFiorentini and the Associazione degli Antiquari d’Italia (AAI).
He’s also member of the Governing Council of the Biennale Internazionaledell’Antiquariato di Firenze