Röbbig München

Stand:   116

Early German porcelain and 18th century French and German furniture, paintings and objets d´art

Briennerstrasse 9
80333 Munich
T  +49 89 29 97 58

Gallery Information

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Artists Exhibited at the fair:

  • Christoph Ludwig Agricola

    Christoph Ludwig Agricola

  • Johann Christian Wilhelm Beyer

    Johann Christian Wilhelm Beyer

  • Jean-Nicolas Blanchard

    Jean-Nicolas Blanchard

  • Léonard Boudin

    Léonard Boudin

    Other Dealers:
    Also exhibited by:
  • Franz Anton Bustelli

    Franz Anton Bustelli

  • Jean Baptiste Chevallier

    Jean Baptiste Chevallier

  • Lacroix de Marseile

    Lacroix de Marseile

  • Godefroy Dester

    Godefroy Dester

    Detailed Description : French ébéniste. Master 1774.
  • Johann Jakob Dorner d. Ä.

    Johann Jakob Dorner d. Ä.

  • Zacharie Felix Doumet

    Zacharie Felix Doumet

  • Johann Baptist Drechsler

    Johann Baptist Drechsler

  • Jacques Dubois

    Jacques Dubois

  • Bon Durand

    Bon Durand

  • Bon Durand (Meister 1761)

    Bon Durand (Meister 1761)

  • Johann Friedrich Eberlein

    Johann Friedrich Eberlein

  • Francois Eisen

    Francois Eisen

  • Joseph Gengenbach, genannt Canabas

    Joseph Gengenbach, genannt Canabas

  • Jakob Philipp Hackaert

    Jakob Philipp Hackaert

  • Jacob Philipp Hackert

    Jacob Philipp Hackert

    Other Dealers:
    Also exhibited by:
    Francesca Antonacci Damiano Lapiccirella Fine Art
  • Johann Christian Haselmeye

    Johann Christian Haselmeye

  • Johann Gregorius Höroldt

    Johann Gregorius Höroldt

  • Johann Joachim Kaendler

    Johann Joachim Kaendler

  • Gottlieb Kirchner

    Gottlieb Kirchner

  • Christoph Heinrich Kniep

    Christoph Heinrich Kniep

    Other Dealers:
    Also exhibited by:
    Paolo Antonacci Srl
  • Martin Knoller

    Martin Knoller

  • Jean-Baptiste Lallemand

    Jean-Baptiste Lallemand

  • Jean Francois Leleu

    Jean Francois Leleu

  • Karl Gottlieb Lück

    Karl Gottlieb Lück

  • Johann Christoph Georg Lück

    Johann Christoph Georg Lück

  • Pierre Macret

    Pierre Macret

  • Friedrich Elias Meyer

    Friedrich Elias Meyer

  • Pierre IV Migeon

    Pierre IV Migeon

  • Joseph Nigg

    Joseph Nigg

  • Jean-Francois Oeben

    Jean-Francois Oeben

  • Nicolas Petit

    Nicolas Petit

  • Johann Georg Pforr

    Johann Georg Pforr

  • Eduard Pollack

    Eduard Pollack

  • Peter Reinicke

    Peter Reinicke

  • Francois Reizell

    Francois Reizell

  • Hubert Robert

    Hubert Robert

    Artist's Objects: Other Dealers:
    Also exhibited by:
    Stair Sainty Gallery
    Adam Williams Fine Art Ltd
    Galerie Perrin
  • David Roentgen

    David Roentgen

    Other Dealers:
    Also exhibited by:
    J. Kugel
  • Abraham Roentgen

    Abraham Roentgen

  • Laurentius Russinger

    Laurentius Russinger

  • Jean- Frédéric Schall

    Jean- Frédéric Schall

  • Johann Conrad Seekatz

    Johann Conrad Seekatz

  • Nikolaus Michael Spengler

    Nikolaus Michael Spengler

  • Joseph Stephan

    Joseph Stephan

  • Jacques Francoise Joseph Swebach

    Jacques Francoise Joseph Swebach

  • Fran Werner Tamm

    Fran Werner Tamm

    Biography : „kaiserlicher Hofmaler“ in Wien seit 1700
  • Franz Werner Tamm

    Franz Werner Tamm

  • Johann Heinrich Tischbein d.Ä.

    Johann Heinrich Tischbein d.Ä.

  • Charles Topino

    Charles Topino

    Detailed Description : French ébéniste. Master 1773.
  • Johann Heinrich Usinger

    Johann Heinrich Usinger

  • Roger Vandercruse dit Lacroix

    Roger Vandercruse dit Lacroix

  • Jean Baptiste Vassou

    Jean Baptiste Vassou

  • Johann Jacob Wagner

    Johann Jacob Wagner

  • Johann Jakob Wagner

    Johann Jakob Wagner

  • Johann Amandus Winck

    Johann Amandus Winck