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Silver and works of art

Rue Bodenbroek 22 bte 8
1000 Brussels
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Gallery Information

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Based in the « Grand Sablon », place renowned for the quality of the trade of art, Fr. Janssens van der Maelen is offering, since 1978, a beautiful collection of silver pieces and works of art made by the best artists recognized for their perfect mastery.
The Gallery is recognized internationally for specializing in silver mainly from France, Belgium… made by Jean E. Puiforcat, Jean Tetard, Philippe Wolfers, Carl Fjerdingstad, Cardeilhac, Georg Jensen, … belonging to Art Deco or Art Nouveau. He also has interests in several other fields including sculptures, furniture, ceramics…
Member of the “Royal Belgian Chamber of the Art and Antique Dealers”.
The gallery is open for visitors only by appointment.

Artists Exhibited at the fair:

  • & Henry Boin Taburet

    & Henry Boin Taburet

  • Alexandre CHARPENTIER

    Alexandre CHARPENTIER

  • cie CHRISTOFLE &

    cie CHRISTOFLE &

  • Francisco Collantes

    Francisco Collantes

    Other Dealers:
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    Galeria Caylus
  • Edward Collona

    Edward Collona

  • Jean Despres

    Jean Despres

    Artist's Objects:
  • Arthur Dupagne

    Arthur Dupagne

  • Piet Hein Eek

    Piet Hein Eek

    Biography : Piet Hein Eek was born in Holland in 1967 and was graduated from the Academy for Industrial Design in Eindhovan in 1990. While at the Academy, he gained attention for his exam project Scrap Wood Cupboards. He sold all of the cupboards and used the money to start his own design studio in 1992. The following year he went into partnership with fellow designer Nob Ruijrok, establishing Eek en Ruijgrok v.o.f. Eek first developed an interest in old materials after restoring a cupboard for his sister; he thought the old wood looked nicer than the new. He has built his business around old materials, saving these discarded pieces of wood and working outside of the circuit of mass production. Exhibition : Piet Hein Eek's work is sold in numerous galleries worldwide. He has exhibited at such venues as the Museum of Modern Art, New York; the Milan Furniture Fair, Italy; and Cïbone, Tokyo. Detailed Description : artist’s statement A basic economic principle of modern society is that the less labor you use, the more money you save. But I thought I would turn that around, using the materials that people throw away and adding as much labor as possible to them. Ultimately, people notice all the attention that goes into making the pieces. I was walking around in a lumberyard and suddenly realized that old wood looked better than new. We are used to wanting mass products that are perfectly produced and look exactly the same. But I thought that there was a space for imperfection. If you make honest furniture with natural materials, and it gets old or scratched, it still looks beautiful - its aesthetic value never diminishes.[4] "The scrap wood cupboard from 1990 was my reaction against the prevalent craving for flawlessness. I wanted to show that products that weren't perfect still can appeal to our sense of aesthetic and functionality. I also wanted to design a product that could be made with limited means, material that was abundant. The combination of uncommon materials and also uncommon, but simple methods of working became the thread through our work."
  • Escalier de Cristal

    Escalier de Cristal

  • Wolfers Frères

    Wolfers Frères

  • Luigi Genazzi

    Luigi Genazzi

  • Karl Gustav Hanssens

    Karl Gustav Hanssens

  • Lappara


  • Jean-Baptiste LEBROC

    Jean-Baptiste LEBROC

  • A Michelsen

    A Michelsen

  • Jean E. Puiforcat

    Jean E. Puiforcat

  • Maison Ravinet d'Enfert

    Maison Ravinet d'Enfert

    Artist's Objects:
  • Jacob Rhele

    Jacob Rhele

  • Raymond Rhuys

    Raymond Rhuys

  • L. Van Streydonck

    L. Van Streydonck

  • Wilhem Wagenfeld

    Wilhem Wagenfeld

  • Philippe Wolfers

    Philippe Wolfers

    Other Dealers:
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    Epoque Fine Jewels