Helga Matzke

Stand:   165

16th to early 19th-century European silver

Wörnbrunnerstrasse 11
82031 Grünwald
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Gallery Information

  • Mrs. Chantal Smith Staff Member
  • Eleni Glass Staff
  • Mr. Pascal Matzke Staff Member
  • Mrs. Dr. Christina Ntaflou Staff Member
  • Helga Matzke Director/Partner
  • Mr. Fred Matzke Director/Partner

The worldwide active antique silver firm Helga Matzke is particularly handling silver tableware of courtly provenance and art objects made of silver, originating from the sixteenth to the early nineteenth century. Helga and Fred Matzke, motivated out of their love for antiques, founded the firm in Würzburg, Germany, in 1973. Since 1988, we are established in Gruenwald, nearby Munich. The multifaceted history of antique silver motivates us. With a long-standing experience handling historical silver objects, art historical expertise and extensive know-how of the art market, we are a reliable partner for international museums and for aspiring art collectors.

Artists Exhibited at the fair:

  • François Daniel Imlin

    François Daniel Imlin

    Biography : François Daniel Imlin (1757-1827) became a master maker in 1780. He was the son of Georges Frédéric Imlin and the father of Emmanuel Frédéric Imlin. François Daniel Imlin had made objects in fine, neoclassical style. See for instance two candlesticks made from him in the exhibition catalogue Deux siècles d’orfèvrerie à Strasbourg (nr. 96 and nr. 97). A bowl with cover made from François Daniel is also depicted there (nr. 42). The family of Imlins have made many travelling necessaires for noble customers. The objects were almost always silver-gilt (vermeil) and the cases contained various objects. Artist's Objects:
  • Matthäus Schmidt

    Matthäus Schmidt

    Biography : Matthäus Schmidt became a maker in 1659 in Augsburg and he died in 1696. There are many drinking vessels made from him and particularly cups in private and public collections. A shell cup from Matthäus Schmidt is to be seen for instance in the collection Neresheimer (Kat. Nr. 35). this shows again ancient models used once more by the maker. Artist's Objects:
  • Matthäus Schmidt (active 1659-96)

    Matthäus Schmidt (active 1659-96)

    Biography : active 1659-96
  • Hans Georg Bauhoff

    Hans Georg Bauhoff

    Biography : Hans Georg Bauhoff became a master maker in 1650 and died in 1680. Bauhoff was obviously a quite known maker for the crafting of reliefs with biblical and allegorical scenes. A precious table clock made for the Ulmer patricians’ family Schad zu Mittelbiberach, is adorned with four reliefs, made by Hans Georg Bauhoff. These reliefs depict the four continents and are likewise very thoroughly and detailed executed. Bauhoff based his work on a series of French engravings, which were made around 1650 after paintings of the painter Charles Lebrun (s. Goldschmiedekunst in Ulm, 1990, p. 86-7).
  • Tobias Hallaicher

    Tobias Hallaicher

    Biography : Tobias Hallaicher, evangelisch, Goldschmied, Sohn des Hans Ludwig Hallaicher wurde 1645 getauft. 1676 wurde er Meister und heiratete im gleichen Jahr. Er starb 1691.
  • Johann Klinge

    Johann Klinge

    Biography : active 1704-1737 Artist's Objects:
  • Peter Neuss II

    Peter Neuss II

    Biography : Peter Neuss II became a master maker in 1689. Artist's Objects: