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Old master paintings and drawings

De Lairessestraat 96
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19, rue du Cirque (showroom)
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New York, NY 10028
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An internationally renowned expert in the field of old master paintings and drawings, Bob Haboldt founded his business in New York in 1983. In 1990, he set up a second gallery in Paris. Today Bob Haboldt has showrooms in Amsterdam, Paris and New York. The gallery offers a wide variety of works of very high quality, mostly belonging to the Northern Schools, but the French, Spanish and Italian Schools are also represented. In 2013 the gallery has celebrated her thirtieth anniversary by publishing a catalogue: 'Singular Vision: Haboldt & Co.’s Old Master Paintings and Drawings since 1983'. Bob Haboldt participates at The European Fine Art Fair in Maastricht and New York.

Artists Exhibited at the fair:

  • Cornelis Bega

    Cornelis Bega

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    Also exhibited by:
    Richard Green
  • Johann Boeckhorst

    Johann Boeckhorst

  • Madeleine Boullogne

    Madeleine Boullogne

  • Jan Brueghel the Elder

    Jan Brueghel the Elder

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    Koetser Gallery
    Johnny van Haeften Ltd
  • Pieter Claesz

    Pieter Claesz

  • Adriaen Coorte

    Adriaen Coorte

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    Richard Green
    Koetser Gallery
    Johnny van Haeften Ltd
  • Daniel De Blieck

    Daniel De Blieck

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    Koetser Gallery
  • Joost Cornelisz Droochsloot

    Joost Cornelisz Droochsloot

  • Jacob Esselens

    Jacob Esselens

  • Johannes Fris

    Johannes Fris

  • Matthäus Gundelach

    Matthäus Gundelach

  • Jan Hackaert

    Jan Hackaert

    Biography : Jan Hackaert was a Dutch painter, draughtsman and etcher. The earliest information about Hackaert indicates that he visited Switzerland several times between 1653 and 1656; he probably did not go to Italy, as was long supposed. By 1658 he was back in Amsterdam. When in Switzerland, he made several large topographical drawings. Many of these drawings, which give a good sense of space but are somewhat dry in execution, were probably made for the multi-volume atlas of laurens van der Hem, an Amsterdam lawyer who commissioned topographical views from several artists. Hackaert’s paintings may be broadly divided into two categories: Italianate landscapes and woodland scenes. Both genres were much influenced by the landscapes of the Dutch Italianates Jan Both and Jan Asselijn, especially in the treatment of colour. An example of the first category is the Lake of Zurich (c. 1660–64; Amsterdam, Rijksmuseum); this masterpiece is exceptional in depicting a topographical view in an idealized style. In the later Landscape in the Campagna with Cattle (c. 1670; Berlin, Gemäldegalerie), the slender, graceful trees, with their light foliage bathed in brilliant southern sunshine, are reminiscent of Both. Similar trees and sunlight can be seen in Hackaert’s woodland scenes, in which he generally made use of a sous-bois composition: painting the underside of the leafy canopy has the effect of drawing the spectator into the forest. The Deer-hunt in a Wood (c. 1660; London, National Gallery), despite the density of the foliation, achieves an impressive sense of space by the depiction of sunlighational penetrating the trees. Hackaert’s staffage, which in this case was painted by Nicolaes Berchem (who also signed the picture), is often attributed to other artists (e.g. Adriaen van de Velde and Johannes Lingelbach). The Avenue of Birches (c. 1675–80; Amsterdam, Rijksmuseum) is an example of Hackaert’s more open woodland views. It depicts a hun
  • Simon Luttichuys

    Simon Luttichuys

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    Koetser Gallery
    French & Company, LLC
    Johnny van Haeften Ltd
    Also represented by:
    Daatselaar Fine Art | Antiques
  • Piet Mondriaan

    Piet Mondriaan

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    Also exhibited by:
    Kunsthandel Ivo Bouwman
  • Willem de Poorter

    Willem de Poorter

  • Michele Tosini, called Michele di Ridolfo del Ghirlandaio

    Michele Tosini, called Michele di Ridolfo del Ghirlandaio

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  • Jan van Dalem

    Jan van Dalem

  • Jacob van Loo

    Jacob van Loo

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    Also exhibited by:
    Jack Kilgore & Co., Inc.