Haboldt • Pictura

Stand:   343

Old master paintings and drawings

De Lairessestraat 96
T  +33 1 42 66 44 54
19, rue du Cirque (showroom)
75008 Paris
1000 Park Avenue
New York, NY 10028
United States

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An internationally renowned expert in the field of old master paintings and drawings, Bob Haboldt founded his business in New York in 1983. In 1990, he set up a second gallery in Paris. Today Bob Haboldt has showrooms in Amsterdam, Paris and New York. The gallery offers a wide variety of works of very high quality, mostly belonging to the Northern Schools, but the French, Spanish and Italian Schools are also represented. In 2013 the gallery has celebrated her thirtieth anniversary by publishing a catalogue: 'Singular Vision: Haboldt & Co.’s Old Master Paintings and Drawings since 1983'. Bob Haboldt participates at The European Fine Art Fair in Maastricht and New York.