Galerie Perrin

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18th-century French furniture, works of art and pictures

98, rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré
75008 Paris
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Artists Exhibited at the fair:

  • Bernard Molitor

    Bernard Molitor

  • Louis Moreau

    Louis Moreau

    Biography : Following the bankruptcy of the cabinetmaker Denis Genty in 1762 (master in 1754), Louis Moreau bought his shop under the brand « À la descente des Tuileries » in the rue de L'Échelle-Saint-Honoré, in Paris, which he renamed: « À la Petite Boule Blanche ». Louis Moreau became master on September 27, 1764. His work is characterized by mahogany veneers, inlaid floral decorations and ornamentations of gilded and chiseled bronzes. His talent quickly brought him a well-known clientele, which did not prevent him from filing for bankruptcy on June 21, 1768. Among his debtors were the Count of Egmont and Modena, the Marquis de Montpezats, the Count de Montbarrey, etc. From 1771, he came back to business, but as a merchant this time. At that time, he bought from his colleague Charles Topino furniture veneered of rosewood and amaranth, and in return sold him cabinet wood. He quickly combined his qualities as a cabinetmaker and merchant, including the work of renowned artists such as : Jacques Bircklé, Pierre Antoine Foullet, Léonard Boudin, Charles Topino, Jean-François Oeben, Jacques-Laurent Cosson, whose he will make the inventory of his workshop after the death of his wife in 1782, as well as the founders Guinard and Cottin. He also worked for the Court, which, through the Administration des Menus Plaisir ordered him many items. Louis XV style, Transition and Louis XVI, his fabrications are very varied. Involved in politics, Louis Moreau will be deported to the island of Anjouan where he died in 1802. His wife then his son Louis resumed his shop, which they preserved until the end of Empire. His furniture are exhibited, notably, at the Musée Carnavalet in Paris, or at the Metropolitan Museum in New York. Artist's Objects:
  • Hubert Robert

    Hubert Robert

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