Galerie Jean Brolly

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Contemporary Art

16 Rue de Montmorency
75003 Paris
T  +33 1 42 78 88 02

Gallery Information

  • Jean Brolly Director

Jean Brolly (born in 1941) is a contemporary art lover, which always sought to maintain the very close relations with the artists that he estimates and which granted their friendship in return to him. His collection reflects the history of its meetings. At the time of his retirement, he decides to open a gallery in order to have a tool for diffusion turned towards the public and to thus exceed the restricted circle of the private relations. The artistic program of the gallery rests on 2 categories of artists - on the one hand, the artists with whom Jean Brolly has old relations: Bernard Aubertin, Daniel Buren (for the work "Corridorscope" exhibited especially in 1983 at the Museum of Modern Art of Paris), Alan Charlton, François Morellet, Sarkis, Pierre Savatier, David Tremlett, Felice Varini, Michel Verjux - in addition young artists who have for the majority makes their first personal exhibition to the gallery: Adam Adach, Nicolas Chardon, Tatjana Doll and recently Krijn de Koning, Mathieu Bonardet, Mathieu Cherkit, Jan Kämmerling, Benjamin Swaim. Since the creation of the gallery, photographs, painting, video, sculpture, installation, all the artistic forms are represented - and takes part regularly in international exhibitions in Paris and abroad (Abu Dhabi, Bologna, Brussels, Cologne, Geneva, New York, Seoul).