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Modern and contemporary art, specializing in Expressionism, mainly 'Brücke'. Representing the estate of Ernst Ludwig Kirchner

Galerie Henze & Ketterer
Kirchstrasse 26
CH-3114 Wichtrach/Bern
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Galerie Henze & Ketterer & Triebold
Wettsteinstrasse 4
CH-4125 Riehen/Basel
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Gallery Information

  • Ingeborg Henze-Ketterer Owner
  • Wolfgang Henze Owner
  • Alexandra Henze Triebold Director
  • Marc Triebold Director

Profile Galerie Henze & Ketterer

Art from Modern to Contemporary Art

Your specialist for:
Expressionism since 1905 and the 20th century
Emigration to Italy since 1933
Abstraction, a world language, since 1945
New Figurative and Contemporary Art since 1960
New Media

We show up to nine exhibitions a year in our 600 m2 gallery exhibition space. Next to our gallery is the "KUNST-DEPOT" designed by the architects Gigon/Guyer who also designed the Ernst Ludwig Kirchner Museum in Davos.
The "KUNST-DEPOT“ is both a storage space for the gallery and, on the top floor, a project room for younger artists.
In addition to our gallery exhibition program, we maintain a permanent exhibition from our artists in the gallery rooms.
Gallery, Art Dealer, Art Books, Publishing (
Archive and Estate Management (Ernst Ludwig Kirchner, Berthold Müller-Oerlinghausen, Theo Eble and Fritz Winter)
Exhibitions, Purchases,Sales, Commission, Estimates
Consulting concerning Documentation,Authenticity, Conservation, Insurance, Transport
Conceptual and organizational advice concerning exhibitions and collections.
Since 1993 in Wichtrach, previously in Stuttgart from 1946 , 1962 as well as 1970 in Campione d'Italia on the lake of Lugano

Directors: Ingeborg Henze-Ketterer and Dr. Wolfgang Henze.
Affiliate gallery (branch) in Riehen/Basel, Galerie Henze & Ketterer & Triebold: Under direction of Dr. Alexandra Henze Triebold and Marc Triebold the gallery Henze & Ketterer & Triebold in Riehen/Basel is committed to artists of German Expressionism as well as to abstraction after 1945 and New Figuration and also to contemporary painting and sculpture from Italy, Spain and Germany

Verein Berner Galerien
Verein Galerien in Basel
Verband Schweizer Galerien
Kunsthandelsverband der Schweiz CINOA
Schweizer Buchhändler-und Verleger-verband
Verband Kunstmarkt Schweiz

History of the gallery
The art dealing activities begun in 1946 by Roman Norbert Ketterer are now in the third generation of the family and can look back over seven decades. On 29th June 1946, the day of his chosen patron saints Peter and Paul, Roman Norbert Ketterer (Bräunlingen 1911 – Lugano 2002), who was then still living in Eislingen, Germany, and working in an entirely  different profession, founded the Stuttgarter Kunstkabinett. In so doing, Roman Norbert Ketterer had laid the foundation stone for the following firms over the next 65 years: Stuttgarter Kunstkabinett, 1946-1962, Galerie Roman Norbert Ketterer in Campione d’Italia, 1962-1988, Galleria Henze in Campione d’Italia, 1970-1993, Galerie Henze & Ketterer in Wichtrach/Berne since 1993 with its branch establishment in Riehen/Basle, Galerie Henze & Ketterer & Triebold, since  2001.
In 1946, Roman Norbert Ketterer discovered Expressionism – hitherto banned by the Nazis as “degenerate” and hence completely unknown to him – as the true art of his generation. Determined to reinstate this movement in the annals of German art, Roman Norbert Ketterer founded his Stuttgarter Kunstkabinett in that same year.  By way of special auctions, which grew in status and magnitude to reach worldwide renown by 1962, Ketterer brought Expressionism back into the public eye, back into private collections and back into the museums that had been plundered by the Nazis.  Thus it was that the Stuttgarter Kunstkabinett laid the foundations for many famous art collections, such as those of Heinrich von Thyssen and Bernhard Sprengel, from which important art museums ultimately evolved.  From 1954 onwards, Roman Norbert Ketterer was also the executor of the estate of Ernst Ludwig Kirchner.  It was through the estate trust that Ketterer and his wife Rosemarie were able to finance the building of the new Kirchner Museum in Davos in 1992 and donate what was to be the nucleus of the museum's present collection. Between the years of 1962 and 1988, Roman Norbert Ketterer had also built up an art business in Campione d'Italia as a specialist in Expressionism.
It was also in Campione d'Italia, in 1970, that Ketterer's daughter Ingeborg and his son-in-law Wolfgang Henze (the son of the art critic Anton Henze, Münster/Rome) established their own gallery specializing in Expressionist prints, abstract art of the 1950s and the works of relatively young, contemporary artists such as Jürgen Brodwolf, Alfonso Hüppi and, later, Nakis Panayotidis and Daniel Spoerri.  The business activities of this gallery were extended in 1993 by the opening of another gallery in Wichtrach near Berne and now included the administration of the estates of other artists, such as that of Fritz Winter, and the archiving of artists' complete oeuvres, such as that of Ernst Ludwig Kirchner.  Since Roman Norbert Ketterer's death in 2002, Kirchner's estate has been administered at the gallery by his children Ingeborg Henze-Ketterer and Günther Ketterer.  The gallery in Wichtrach on the outskirts of Berne is located in a vast complex of buildings built between 1920 and 1964. The KUNST-DEPOT, designed by the architects Gigon + Gujer, whom the family discovered during the building work on the Kirchner Museum in Davos, was added in 2004. The KUNST-DEPOT meanwhile counts among the most exhibited and published pieces of architecture of the 21st century.
The family‘s third generation started their commitment in this field of activity right after completing their studies. From 2001 on exists a second gallery in Riehen/Basel as branch. Firstly unter the name of Galerie Triebold AG and then as Galerie Henze & Ketterer & Triebold. The founders and directors are Dr. Alexandra Henze Triebold (daughter of Ingeborg Henze-Ketterer and Dr. Wolfgang Henze)  and her husband, Marc Triebold (son of the gallery-owners Othmar and Delia Triebold). The Riehen-branch shows mainly Expressionism and Abstraction but also has some younger artists like Dario Basso, Pizzi Cannella, Robert Klümpen, Nunzio, Paolo Serra and others in its program. 
Our gallery sees its activity as a constant endeavour on behalf of the works and fields of art it represents, an activity that involves not least the acquisition of its own large collections of art works or whole estates and also the upkeep of archives on the individual artists and a fully comprehensive library.
During the last decades, and especially since it relocated to Switzerland in 1993, our gallery has evolved to become an internationally renowned and sought-after centre of competence for the representation of artists and art genres. Numerous worldwide museum exhibitions and publications not only originated here but were also curated by our gallery, either entirely or in collaboration. Particularly worthy of mention is the close collaboration between our Ernst Ludwig Kirchner Archive in Wichtrach/Berne and the Kirchner Museum in Davos, founded by Roman Norbert Ketterer.
The gallery has been taking part in international art fairs since the early 1970s, including Art Basel, Art Cologne, FIAC Paris, Art Karlsruhe and TEFAF Maastricht. It is there that we are able to show high-calibre solo and group exhibitions of the artists we represent, and also our preferred movements in art, especially German Expressionism, which then finds an exemplary platform at any one of the said fairs.    
In its exhibition rooms in Riehen/Basle, situated in immediate proximity to the Museum Beyeler, and its large exhibition rooms in Wichtrach, which have a total floor area of approx. 900 square metres, the gallery shows between four and six exhibitions per year and location. A special gallery bookshop in Wichtrach offers literature – both available and out of print – on our artists and our special fields of art. The Kirchner Shop is likewise managed by the gallery bookshop. The gallery grounds in Wichtrach were recently redesigned as a SCULPTURE GARDEN that can also readily cope with heavy works of sculpture. The gallery now plans to hold regular sculpture exhibitions there in parallel to the exhibitions in the gallery.