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Flemish old master paintings

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  • Karel Beschey

    Karel Beschey

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    Richard Green
    Koetser Gallery
  • Joseph van Bredael

    Joseph van Bredael

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    Koetser Gallery
  • Jan Breughel l'Ancien, dit de Velours

    Jan Breughel l'Ancien, dit de Velours

  • Jan Breughel le Jeune

    Jan Breughel le Jeune

  • Jan Brueghel I

    Jan Brueghel I

    Biography : Painter and draughtsman, son of Pieter Bruegel I. Jan is famous for his small-scale history paintings, some of which were executed on copper, exquisite flower still-lifes, allegorical and mythological scenes and various types of landscapes, including imaginary mountain landscapes, forest interiors, villages and country roads, ports, river views, seascapes, hunting pieces, battles and scenes of Hell and the underworld. Because of the early death of his father, Jan received his first training in watercolour painting from his maternal grandmother, Mayken Verhulst. According to van Mander, Pieter Goetkindt (d 1583) taught Jan to paint in oils. In 1589 Jan travelled to Italy via Cologne. He was in Naples in 1590, and from 1592 to 1594 he lived in Rome under the patronage of Cardinal Ascanio Colonna. In 1595 and 1596 Jan visited Milan at the insistence of his lifelong patron, Cardinal Federico Borromeo. He returned to Antwerp by October 1596, and the following year he became a master in the Antwerp painters’ corporation. He married Isabella de Jode (d Antwerp, 1603), daughter of the engraver Gerard de Jode, on 23 January 1599, and on 13 September 1601 their first son, (4) Jan Breughel the younger, was born. Jan received his Antwerp citizenship in the same year and became subdeacon of the painters’ guild, of which he eventually served as dean in 1602. His wife Isabella died suddenly in 1603, possibly caused by the birth of their second child, a daughter named Paschasia, who later married the artist Hieronymus van Kessel II. In 1604 Jan purchased a house called ‘De Meerminne’ (The Mermaid) in the Lange Nieuwestraat in Antwerp, travelled to Prague and returned to Antwerp by the end of the same year. He married Catharina van Marienberghe (d Namur, 1627) in April 1605, who gave him eight children. In 1606 he went to Nuremberg, and two years later, in 1608, he was mentioned in Brussels as court painter of the Archdukes Albert and Isabella, the Habsburg regents of
  • Pieter Brueghel le Jeune

    Pieter Brueghel le Jeune

  • Josse de MOMPER le Jeune

    Josse de MOMPER le Jeune

  • Lucas Gassel

    Lucas Gassel

    Biography : Lucas Gassel was born circa 1500 in a village called Helmont in north Brabant. After spending some time in Antwerp, he left to live in Brussels where he died before 1569. We are familiar with his portrait thanks to an engraving by Wierickz, which already shows him as an old man. A friend of the humanist Lampsonius, Lucas Gassel belonged to those artists who were taken with the new sciences at the time. He thus developed knowledge in domains as varied as geography, botany, sacred history, etc. He may well have gone to finish off his education in Italy, especially in Venice. His work continues in the vein of Joachim Patenier. Using panoramic landscape just like the latter, Gassel further expands his field of vision in his paintings by encompassing the universe in its entirety. A movement of thought particular to the 16th century induced these first landscape painters to open their paintings up to the unknown: the dream of new lands associated with great discoveries, the taste for topography encouraged by engravings used for illustration, the cosmic landscape, evoking the new dimensions of the earth; all these are factors that determined the development of landscape painting. A wonderful representative of his era, Lucas Gassel is certainly known today as one of the most important landscape painters of the 16th century; his works are rare and greatly sought after. Detailed Description : The grounds of a Renaissance palace with episodes from the story of David and Bathsheba, an extensive landscape with mountains and a harbour beyond Panel: 51 x 68 cm Provenance: Robert A.D. Fleming ; J.E. Hope of Edinburgh ; Sale, Christie's, London, 20 December 1929, lot 41, where it was acquired by Leggatt for Jervis Wegg, who bequeathed it to his godson John Rickards, Private Collection. Literature: W. Meyers, The Illustrated London News, 31 May, 1930, illustrated in colour (as The Master of Brunswick) ; Frank R. Davis, 'Sixteenth Century Painters and Real Tennis, The Illustrated London News, 29 July, 1950 ; A. de Luze, A History of the Royal Game of Tennis (Kineton, 1979) ill. p. 216; R. Morgan, Tudor Tennis a Miscellany (Oxford, 2001), pp. 105-115, ill. p. 54.
  • Abel Grimmer

    Abel Grimmer

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    De Jonckheere
    Koetser Gallery
    Richard Green
  • Jacob Grimmer

    Jacob Grimmer

    Biography : Reçu franc-maître de la Gilde en 1547, il est le contemporain de Pierre Bruegel l'Ancien avec lequel il partage la passion du paysage. Comme lui, il peint sur le motif et emplit ses tableaux d'un sentiment vécu et d'une émotion véritable. Detailed Description : C'est à travers le thème des saisons, récurrent dans son oeuvre, que Jacob Grimmer livre sa vision novatrice du paysage où les ambiances atmosphériques changeantes s'adaptent aux scènes quotidiennes et profanes. Other Dealers:
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    Richard Green
  • Bartholomeus Grondonck

    Bartholomeus Grondonck

  • Jacob van Hulsdonck

    Jacob van Hulsdonck

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    Richard Green
    Johnny van Haeften Ltd
  • Theobald Michau

    Theobald Michau

  • Théobald Michau

    Théobald Michau

  • Joos de Momper

    Joos de Momper

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    Richard Green
  • Joos de Momper II

    Joos de Momper II

  • Marten Ryckaert

    Marten Ryckaert

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    Richard Green
  • Jacob Savery

    Jacob Savery

  • Isaac Soreau

    Isaac Soreau

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    Koetser Gallery
  • Jan Wellens de Cock

    Jan Wellens de Cock

    Biography : Jan Wellens de Cock is the father of the landscape painter Matthys Cock and of Hieronymus Cock, sponsor, friend and editor of Pieter Bruegel the Elder. Jan Wellens de Cock married in 1502 in Antwerp. He painted for the Notre Dame church and for the Guild of Notre Dame aux Louanges in Antwerp for which he was a member. He was named comice of the Guild in 1520-1521.
  • Isaac Willaerts

    Isaac Willaerts