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Medieval art

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Gallery Information

  • Luc De Backker Director
  • Pieter De Backker Director/ contactperson

With the opening of a gallery in Brussels 15 years ago, specialized in medieval art, it was an old dream that came true. In our incessant quest for purity, authenticity and beauty, we always choose for emotion being reinforced by the quality. Our collection may justifiably be deemed unusual; in our work, we bear in mind not only those traditional collectors but also young collectors and art lovers in general. Many of our clients bought their first medieval piece from us, which means a lot to us.
We set great store in establishing personal contact with the visitors during the fair with the express purpose of being able to illustrate and convey our passion for medieval art. We feel that it is part of our mission to bring medieval art and the general public in closer contact with each other. Every year, we undertake this task in various ways including our attendance of various fairs where each season we exhibit a new collection presented as part of an artistically enlightening display.
Medieval art is no longer considered as a religious phenomenon only. It still has the strong spiritual power to touch people such as it did already 500 years ago but people nowadays are also able to look at a medieval sculpture as an art object.

It is always a pleasure to catch up, to deepen relationships and to enjoy beautiful things together. So we gladly invite our friends collectors and artlovers at our private home where we have our exposition gallery today.

Artists Exhibited at the fair:

  • Gilbert1


    Biography : Gilbert1 is a real dabbler coming from graffiti/street art culture, a visual artist working in the streets and in the abandoned places as much as in his studio. Having devoted himself to calligraphy and typography for a long time, he now expresses himself through abstract and unstructured figures which represents tracks of a decadent society, using different techniques such as painting, screenprint, sculpture, installation, vidéo. He has developed an apparently chaotic universe, raw and authentic, dynamic and powerful, related to a search for movement, and some deformation of space, which symbolizes a kind of emergency. Recently he has realized a stop motion film and an open air museum on 13000 square feet in a lost place. Gilbert1 was born in 1980. He lives and works in Nancy (Fr). He has painted and/or exhibited in Paris, Lyon, St Etienne, Marseille, Epinal, Nancy, Metz, Stuttgart, Roma, Barcelona, New York, San Jose, Los Angeles. Exhibition : EXHIBITIONS
    2012 Graffuturism - Soze Gallery - Los Angeles
    Ouverture d'un musée à ciel ouvert "The Broken Project"- Nancy
    Exposition personnelle "No Borders" - Galerie Frichez-nous la paix à Belleville, Paris
    2011 Exposition collective "Fresh Produce exhibit" - Anno Domini Gallery, San Jose Californie (USA)
    Projection du court métrage "Inside" - Festival Pro(ject), Maxéville
    Exposition de sérigraphies/ collectif Nomads Land, Festival Nomade in Metz, Metz
    Projection du court métrage "Inside" - Festival Give me a wall - Espace Confluences, Paris
    Projection du court métrage "Inside" - Galerie Chappe, Paris
    2010 Exposition collective "Fresh Produce exhibit" - Anno Domini Gallery, San Jose Californie (USA)
    2009 Exposition collective/Vente "Street Art" - Maison de vente Leclere - Parc Chanot, Marseille
    Exposition collective "Rainbow N Skull" - Spraylab, Nancy
    Exposition collective "400ml" - La Lune en Parachute, Epinal
    Exposition collective "400ml" - Maison des Metallos, Paris
    Exposition collective/vente "Arts Urbains Graffiti" - Maison de vente Leclere - Parc Chanot, Marseille
    2008 Performance avec Iemza - Festival "Habits de Lumière", Epernay
    Exposition/Performance - Festival Zikametz - Trinitaires, Metz
    2007 Exposition avec Iemza "Produits 100% fibres organiques" - Société des Arts du Forez, St Etienne
    Exposition collective "L’esprit du mur" - Galerie Artwist, Paris
    2012 Livre Hors du temps 2 - Antonin Giverne - Editions Pyramyd
    La Semaine de Nancy - Art Urbain - Faut vous faire un dessin?
    Magazine Graffiti Art #15
    Livre Mausolee - Lek/Sowat - Alternatives
    Magazine Paris Tonkar
    2010 Magazine Graffiti Art #9
    2009 Magazine Blazing #19
    Magazine Graffiti Art #7
    Magazine Innercity #18
    Magazine Innercity #17
    Magazine Blazing #18
    2007 -2007 Magazine Blazing #8
    2008 Magazine Blazing #14
    Livre 400 ml - Kitchen 93
    31/07/2012 France 3 Lorraine - JT 19/20 - Musée à ciel ouvert
    07/09/2012 France 3 Lorraine - C'est en
  • Alvar Aalto

    Alvar Aalto

  • Olivier de Coux

    Olivier de Coux