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Dealers in Antiques and Works of Art.

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Gallery Information

  • Luca Burzio Contact person
  • Laura Burzio

The Burzio family has been dealing in fine arts for the last three generations. The third generation is represented by Luca and his wife Laura, who are specialised in antique decorative arts with a focus on fine continental furniture, sculpture, textiles, glasses, ceramics and bronzes. They are exhibiting at Masterpiece London, Brafa Bruxelles and both Tefaf fairs: New York fall and Maastricht.

Artists Exhibited at the fair:

  • Carlo Albacini

    Carlo Albacini

  • Alessandro Algardi

    Alessandro Algardi

    Other Dealers:
    Also exhibited by:
    Stair Sainty Gallery
    Daniel Katz Ltd
  • Andrea Appiani

    Andrea Appiani

    Artist's Objects: Other Dealers:
    Also exhibited by:
    Francesca Antonacci Damiano Lapiccirella Fine Art
  • Nicolas Arnoult

    Nicolas Arnoult

  • Giuseppe Maria Bonzanigo

    Giuseppe Maria Bonzanigo

    Artist's Objects:
  • Carlo Bossoli

    Carlo Bossoli

  • Léonard Boudin

    Léonard Boudin

    Other Dealers:
    Also exhibited by:
    Röbbig München
  • lodovico Caselli

    lodovico Caselli

  • Jean Baptist Joseph De Bay De Bay

    Jean Baptist Joseph De Bay De Bay

  • Vincent De Vos

    Vincent De Vos

  • Guglielmo della Porta

    Guglielmo della Porta

  • Jean Baptiste Desvignes

    Jean Baptiste Desvignes

  • Christophe Dihl

    Christophe Dihl

  • Christophe Dihl Dihl et Guerhard

    Christophe Dihl Dihl et Guerhard

  • Jean Francois Dubut

    Jean Francois Dubut

    Artist's Objects:
  • Giovanni Galletti

    Giovanni Galletti

    Artist's Objects:
  • Theophil Hansen

    Theophil Hansen

  • Luigi Manfredini

    Luigi Manfredini

  • Bartolomeo Manghetti

    Bartolomeo Manghetti

    Artist's Objects:
  • Pietro Massa

    Pietro Massa

  • Gino Nunzio

    Gino Nunzio

    Artist's Objects:
  • Giuseppe Piamontini

    Giuseppe Piamontini

    Artist's Objects: Other Dealers:
    Also exhibited by:
    Carlo Orsi
  • Pietro Piffetti

    Pietro Piffetti

  • Leopold Pollack

    Leopold Pollack

    Artist's Objects:
  • Claude Francois Rabiat

    Claude Francois Rabiat

  • Antoine-André Ravrio

    Antoine-André Ravrio

    Biography : Made master bronzier in 1777, he is one of the most important Parisian bronze workers of the late 18th century and the early Empire period. Supplier of bronzes to the Imperial Garde-meuble, Ravrio helped furnish Napoleon’s residences, along with Thomire and Galle; he also worked for some of the most influential figures of the time, including Marshals of the Empire. Today certain of his works are in the collections of the Mobilier national in Paris.
  • Gennaro Sarao

    Gennaro Sarao

  • Charles Gabriel Sauvage Lemire

    Charles Gabriel Sauvage Lemire

  • Fracesco Tanadei

    Fracesco Tanadei

  • andrea Tipa

    andrea Tipa

  • Giuseppe Valadier

    Giuseppe Valadier

  • Luigi Valadier

    Luigi Valadier

    Other Dealers:
    Also exhibited by:
    J. Kugel
    Koopman Rare Art
  • Bernard Van Reisenburgh

    Bernard Van Reisenburgh

    Artist's Objects:
  • Giuseppe Viglione

    Giuseppe Viglione

  • Biagio Villari

    Biagio Villari

  • Workshop Vizzo

    Workshop Vizzo

    Artist's Objects:
  • Vizzo Workshop

    Vizzo Workshop

  • Francesco Zerilli

    Francesco Zerilli